One Week in Langkawi

Langkawi is a place to forget your worries and embrace nature. The island is blessed with dense forests and tall mountains that encourage new heights of self-awareness. Out on the beach, the waves prescribe a dose of adrenalin to untangle the stress of everyday life. With so much to do in one place, planning a simple vacation can also be stressful. Avoid this strain with our exclusive guide to explore Langkawi in one week and forget all about the annoying work pressures, nosey neighbours and monotonous life while on vacation.

Day 1: Arrive and explore.

Starting a vacation is not easy. Many are afraid to let go of the strings that drive them through the chores of life. So, use the first day to shed the world’s woes and unwind. Head to the Kuah town. It is the most populated part of the island and the best place to get introduced with the local life and culture. Visit the nearby Eagle Square overlooking the sea and get some pictures to announce your arrival in front of this iconic symbol of Langkawi. In the late afternoon, go to the Pantai Cenang or Pantai Tengah and fill your lungs with the smell of the sea. Kick up some sand with an evening jog or just walk about to explore the restaurants and adventure rides. Spend the evening here admiring the fiery colours of the setting sun and dining at any of the nearby restaurants and bars. Get on a dinner cruise for a more romantic experience with your significant other.

Day 2: A day of high adventures.

This day will take you high above the world on a hanging bridge. Get up early and head to the Oriental village to beat the crowd swarming towards the SkyCab. Hop in the cable car and enjoy the trip to the top. Head to the Sky Bridge and see the world from the vantage point of an eagle. After lunch, visit the Seven Wells waterfall and the Temurun waterfall. Take a dip if the water is plentiful, and hike around if the legs feel enthusiastic about the prospect. As the sun begins to set, find out the location of the night market that moves about the island every day and end the night on a high gastronomic experience without breaking your wallet. It’s also a great place for collecting cheap souvenirs and small electronic items.

Day 3: Day of hopping and boats.

Explore beyond the main island on this day and visit Pulau Dayang Bunting, which has the famous Lake of the Pregnant Maiden. Enjoy a swim in this freshwater lake, and walk around to spot flying eagles on the way to this Island. If you are into diving, arrange a trip to the Palau Payar Marine Park and get acquainted with tropical sea life of the Andaman Sea. Spend the second half of the day wading through the Kilim Geoforest Park‘s mangroves on the main island’s northeast side. Walk the boardwalks weaving through the trees under the shade of the limestone cliffs. Spend the evening at Tanjung Rhu, a tranquil beach near the Kilim Geoforest. It is the best beach on the island for solitude and mindfulness and shouldn’t be missed.

Day 4: Water day.

This day is all about the fun of swimming, surfing and crashing on the waves. Based on the weather during you stay, move the water day to suit your plans. Water sports are best enjoyed on a warm sunny day. Pack your beach towels and plenty of sunscreen and head to the Pantai Cenang and Pantai Tengah beaches for adrenalin-pumping fun.

Day 5: Embracing the Nature day.

Reserve a day to explore the mountains and forests of Langkawi. Trek through the forests and hike Mount Machingchang and Gunung Raya. It will take the better part of the day to climb and walk, so plan a peaceful evening with a good drink and wholesome food. Horse riding through the forest is an option for equine enthusiasts or if trekking is not for you.

Day 6: Legends and culture day.

Spend one day visiting the museums and cultural landmarks to get familiar with the ways of Langkawi. Learn to make batik prints, admire local crafts, and even try your hand at rice farming. Visit the Wat Koh Wanaram, a Buddhist temple on the main island to offer your prayers and seek good luck. Underwater world, 3D museum, mosques, and several more options are available to suit everyone today.

Day 7: Prepare to head home.

Save some time to shop for yourself. The duty-free status of Langkawi means you can save a lot by shopping here at a bargain price. Finally, it’s time to head back to the comfort of home. One might wish a vacation to last forever, but that won’t be the case after a while. Head back to the warmth of home appreciate the joy of Langkawi in the memories, and make plans to return for more.