Wat Koh Wanararm Langkawi

Wat Koh Wanaram is a Buddhist temple founded by Thai Holy monk Luang Por Khun in the year 2014. Known as the lucky temple of Langkawi, this Wat is revered for its serenity, peace and architecture. A popular folklore also states that rubbing the belly of the laughing Buddha at this Wat brings prosperity, good fortune and wealth.

Here, you will find influences and teachings from the three schools of Buddhism, Theravada, The School of the Elders followed in Thailand and south eastern Asian countries, Mahayana, The Great Vehicle, followed in China and north Asian countries and Vajrayana, The way of the Diamond, followed predominantly in Tibet and Nepal. A golden statue of Buddha sits inside the temple under the painting of a sacred Fig tree. And, the walls feature art works that depicts the life and teachings of Buddha.

In the courtyard, there are colourful pagodas, eight stupas referring to the events in Buddha’s life, prayer wheels, the lucky statue of the laughing Buddha and a soothing Zen garden with Koi fish pond. The highlight of this Wat is a huge carving of Kuan-shi Yin on a marble hill. Hailed as the Goddess of mercy and dressed in a flowing white gown, she stands atop a lotus pedestal. She also holds a jar containing pure water in her left hand, and in the right, a willow branch. Path leading to the hill behind the statue of Kuan-shi Yin has caves which are used by monks to meditate. As per a local legend, one of these caves is also the home of a giant snake.

Located in Bukit Putih, on Jalan Ayer Hangat route 112, the temple is about ten minutes’ drive from Kuah town.