Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls

The Seven Wells waterfall, also known as Telaga Tujuh, gets its name from seven cascades which feed seven fresh water pools. It is situated next to the oriental village near the base of Mount Machincang in Langkawi. As per a local legend, the seven wells of Telaga Tujuh are bathing pools of the fairies, and they give its water a mystical healing capacity.

The top of the waterfall is accessible by a steep climb of 600 steps which takes close to one hour with considerable effort. A dip in one of the pools at the top is the classic way to lose the heat and sweat generated from the climb. The flowing water has created an irresistible natural slide for entering the pool. If you don’t prefer to get wet, the view from the top of the falls is magnificent and worth climbing. For a less strenuous approach, visit the base of the falls for an equally beautiful scene and bathe in the lowest of the seven pools. There are hardly any facilities near the waterfall and it is best to bring ample drinking water and refreshments for the climb.

The wet season from September to December, when there is plenty of water, is the best time to visit Telaga Tujuh. However, the rocky surface around the fall can be very slippery during this season. Hence, one must be extremely careful when walking on slopes or near the cliff’s edge. Also, the monkeys around this waterfall are especially opportunistic. Be wary of them as they might try to snatch your bags, expecting to find some food.