Kilim Karst Geoforest Park

The name Kilim Karst Geoforest Park hides so much more than its name suggests. Thick mangroves teeming with wildlife and birds, vertical limestone hills, open sea boat rides, and enchanting caves are part of the boat trips that venture into this Geopark. With so much to see anything short of a day is not enough to explore all of its attractions.

More than 100 square kilometres of mangroves surrounding the Kilim river forms the core of Kilim Geopark. It is best to experience the park by hiring private boat or Jet Ski tours with a knowledgeable guide. Plenty of group tours are also available for budget travellers. The boat trip will take you on a journey to meet the monkeys and pythons living in the mangroves, the red backed sea eagles flying in the sky and the fruit bats hanging in caves. The 500 million years old limestone cliffs which surrounds the Kilim river, gives a glimpse of the time when life was just beginning to evolve on our planet. Caves within the Geopark have huge limestone pillars called stalagmites and stalactites which are an example of nature’s creativity.

Most tours also include a trip to the fishing farm where you can hand feed and see sting rays, horse shoe crabs, groupers and archerfish. The floating restaurant on the Kilim river serves as a good spot to hand feed fishyourself. It is easy to get sunburnt during the trip, so pack sufficient shade equipment and sunscreen. A spare bottle of water is also advised to stay hydrated.