Eagle Square Langkawi (Dataran Lang)

The History of the Name Langkawi

Langkawi, often called Kedah’s gem, gets its name from the red-backed sea eagle that dominates the island’s skies. According to folklore, the term ‘Lang’ is derived from the Malay word ‘helang’, signifying Eagle. ‘Kawi’ comes from a word that means marble or reddish brown. A group of reddish-brown Eagles flying high in the sky adds to the legend and symbol of Langkawi. In Malay, ‘Dataran’ means square, leading us to English’s magnificent ‘Dataran Lang’ or Eagle Square.

Dataran Lang – Eagle Square Langkawi

The Awe-Inspiring Eagle Statue

Dataran Lang (Eagle Square) celebrates these majestic birds of Langkawi. A renowned sculpture is situated in the southern region of Pulau Langkawi at the Kuah Jetty.

Constructed in 1996, the Eagle Square Langkawi boasts a striking 12-meter-high statue of a red-backed Eagle perched on a blue star-shaped base. With its wings extended, the Eagle of Dataran Lang appears poised for flight. Forest-covered mountains surround it on one side, and the open Andaman Sea surrounds it on the other.

Eagle square (Dataran Lang) langkawi from above
Dataran Lang from above

Where is Dataran Lang(Eagle Square)?

Eagle Square sits near the Kuah Jetty and ferry terminal. The magnificent Eagle serves as a beacon for sailors, guiding them towards the Kuah port.

It has artistic water features and a small pond for paddle boating. There is also a lush green park for picnicking.

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The square provides a picturesque backdrop for capturing memories. This makes it a popular tourist photo stop and a cultural island emblem. Take a selfie and tag us on Instagram at @langkawi_dot_com/ we would love to see your shots!

When to go to Eagle Square!

Glitzy lights illuminate the Eagle of Langkawi at night, giving it a whole new dimension. Dataran Lang can become quite hot under the sun, so visiting during sunrise or sunset is recommended.

Plenty of eateries, duty-free shopping, and souvenir shops are nearby. After basking in the splendour of Eagle Square, you might also consider visiting the Cenang night market or the Langkawi Fair Mall.

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