Langkawi Sky Bridge

The Langkawi cable car starts its journey at the base station located on the foothill of Mount Machincang. The aptly named SkyCab will slowly lift you 700 meters above sea level as you enjoy a panoramic view of the mountain with dense green forest and waterfalls on one side, and the blue waters of Andaman Sea on the other.

A small flight of stairs from the top station brings you to the viewing platforms where a 360-degree view of the world awaits. From here you can see peaks of the mountain range straining to be higher and higher. On a clear day the Andaman Sea shimmers blue and reveals islands as far as the eye can see. Parts of Indonesia and Thailand can also be seen from the bridge.

The adventure of Mount Machincang doesn’t end here. The SkyBridge of Langkawi is accessible from the top station. Take the SkyCab to reach the SkyBridge in comfort or stretch your legs and walk 15 minutes through the short but steep mountain pass. This curved engineering marvel gives an unobstructed view of the horizon as the wind rushes passed your hair. Hanging one hundred meters above a dense green valley alongside the Andaman Sea, the SkyBridge lets you see the world through a bird’s eye. Touted as the longest curved suspension bridge in the world, this attraction should not be missed.

Start your day early to avoid a long queue at the SkyCab base station or just shell out 50 RM more to join the express queue. Don’t forget to pack your wide angle lens to capture the view of a lifetime.