Temurun Waterfall

The beauty of Temurun waterfall peaks in the rainy season, when cascading water descends more than 30 meters into a wide pool at the base of this waterfall. Swimming in the cold water of the pool surrounded by primeval rocks will make you forget the convoluted life of the modern world. The presence of thick overgrown forest on the surrounding rocks makes it even more pristine. Temurun often competes neck and neck with Telaga Tujuh in the list of otherworldly waterfalls in Langkawi, and is thoroughly worth seeing on your trip to this tropical island.

The Temurun waterfall is situated on the northern face of Mount Machincang. Bottom tiers of this fall can be easily accessed with a short hike through the rainforest from the carpark which is just off the main road (161). If you are lucky, you will also be able to spot different species of tropical birds and butterflies on your way to the waterfall. The visit to Temurun fall is recommended to be combined with a trip to attractions near the Datai beach area owing to their proximity.

Be careful to stow away your bags before jumping in the pool to prevent prying hands of long tailed macaque monkeys looking for food. The pool at the base of the fall is deep and amateur swimmers should stay in shallow water near the edges. The waterfall reduces to a trickle during dry season or after a long dry spell, in which case it can be skipped for more attractive destinations.