Art In Paradise

The Art in Paradise 3D Museum is a new entry in the most sought after attractions in Langkawi. Ranked as one of the largest museums in Malaysia, it has riveting murals and paintings which will deceive minds and tempt cameras. Located in the open air theme park of the Oriental village, next to the renowned SkyBridge, it has more than hundred artworks created by local and Korean artists. These creations will lead you to strange environments, make you travel in time and run with giant animals.

This multi-storey building is divided into various zones, where the arts tend to tumble and flow out of their restricted frames. The Egyptian zone will lead you into the dark and mysterious era of the Pharaohs, mummies and the Sphinx. At the Safari zone, you will find yourself in the middle of a wild jungle, and in the Aquarium section, you can ride the waves and swim with Humpback whales. In the fantasy zone, you can live your dream of floating in the galaxy and at the Classic zone; the masterpieces of Van Gogh and Da Vinci will come alive into our world.

The museum also has tips on postures and stances to help you take your perfect social media pictures, which you can upload instantly using the free Wi-Fi facility available. Langkawi Art in Paradise is perfect to spend a couple of hours with your friends and family. Having ample company will be helpful for taking amusing pictures, as selfies won’t do justice to this fun and interactive site. The museum also has a café, clean restrooms and is complete with wheelchair access.