Top Sights and Landmarks to Visit when in Langkawi

Langkawi, was a sleepy fishing village until 1986, when the then prime minister of Malaysia, Tun Mahathir Mohamad changed its future, and made it a hub of the nation’s tourism industry. This transformation of Langkawi gave birth to iconic structures and sights. However, the island held on to its rich heritage and culture. The legends and myths of Langkawi dating back to the 14th century are still a part of the folklore. And, the old and new landmarks stand together and tell the tales of a historic and the futuristic Langkawi.

Dataran Lang, known as the Eagle Square is Langkawi’s signature monument. It showcases a twelve meters statue of red backed Eagle ready to soar in to the sky. A garden with vibrant flowers, artistic water features and the expanding Kuah bay also creates ample of photo opportunities.

Legends have it that Langkawi was cursed for seven generations by Mahasuri after being wrongly accused and sentenced to death for adultery. The Mahasuri’s tomb and the Lagenda Dalam Taman Park, will give a glimpse into this story and many more legends of Langkawi.

For inner peace, serenity or good fortune, head to Wat Koh Wanaram, a Thai Buddhist temple just outside Kuah town. Locals believe that rubbing the belly of the golden Buddha brings good fortune. The temple also has an impressive carving of Guan Shi Yin, the Mercy Goddess.

Drift away from the traditional and jump into the future by taking The Langkawi Cable Car ride to the top of Mount Machincang. Standing on the SkyBridge and peering into the distance will show you the grandeur of our blue planet.

These and many more attractions set Langkawi apart from a regular beach island, and rightly name it as the jewel of Malaysia’s Andaman Sea.