Lagenda Park and Museum

The history of Langkawi is filled to the brim with legends of angry giants, ogres, mythical birds, and maiden princesses. The Lagenda Park, also known as Lagenda Langkawi Dalam Taman, situated next to the Eagle Square in Kuah Town brings these stories to life with large sculptures in a scenic landscape. The folklore-themed park has seventeen sculptures which illustrate different sagas that have been a part of the Langkawi culture for generations.

A pair of clasped hands depict the legend of the fighting giants. It is believed that the friendship between the giants ended during the wedding of their children. A fierce battle ensued, but it stopped when a lightning strike turned them into stones. This gave rise to Mount Mat Cincang and Mount Gunung Raya, which are named after the giants. The revered princess Mahsuri also finds a place in the park marked by a sculpture and a plaque narrating her story. Other sculptures tell the tale of Garuda, a mythical bird that lived in Langkawi and the story of the pregnant maiden who lost her infant child.

Besides the sculptures, the park also has several ponds surrounded by a verdant green landscape. Joggers and walkers come here to exercise in a natural setting and escape the city life. The park sits on the waterfront and has a small beach with an uninterrupted view of Eagle Square.

The better days of the park are behind it, and since its opening in 1996, the park has lost its initial charm due to a lack of maintenance. Although the natural beauty of the park is still fascinating, the sculptures and ponds are not in their best form. A visit to Lagenda Park can be easily combined with Eagle Square to make the most of your day.