Langkawi Wildlife Experiences

Eagles soar over the beautiful islands as monkeys climb between the dense greenery of the rainforest, and black-tipped sharks navigate the Andaman Sea. With over 230 species of resident and migratory birds, a plethora of marine life, a range of lizards, and much more, Langkawi’s selection of natural wildlife is fascinating and diverse. Come face to face with Malaysia’s true locals and learn all about them at a number of attractions or in the wild.

Visit Langkawi Wildlife Park, located just a 10-minute drive from Kuah Town, for interactive experiences with a wide array of animals from Malaysia and worldwide. The park is intended to resemble the natural habitats of the wildlife as closely as possible. Take a tour with a knowledgeable guide and hand-feed some of the animals as you make your way around. Have your picture taken with a snake, cuddle a racoon, and watch various talks and feeding sessions. Let birds rest on your arm in the walk-in aviary, and even allow an eagle to perch on your hand.

Learn all about crocodiles at Crocodile Adventureland in the Datai Bay area. Nestled amongst lush greenery, the attraction is both a working crocodile farm and a wildlife park. See almost 4,000 crocodiles and alligators, some of which are imported and some have been born and bred here. Gain a fascinating insight into how crocodiles behave in the wild and watch as these beautiful creatures jump out of the water to feed and perform stunts with their trainers. Meet Bujang Lang, one of the world’s largest crocodiles, weighing a huge 1,000kg. Feed baby crocodiles and even have your photo taken with one.

Head to Langkawi Buffalo Park, a working buffalo farm in Padang Matsirat, to learn all that there is to know about buffalos. Learn how buffalo milk creates a range of dairy products, and watch the cheese-making process. Feed baby buffalos with milk bottles and hand-feed adult buffalos with grass. Have a go at milking a buffalo, and try delicious buffalo steak or some of the farm’s dairy products at the cafe. Dress up in traditional clothing for a buffalo ride or buffalo-pulled anok ride for a unique souvenir photo.

Gain a deeper insight into the marine life of Langkawi and far beyond at Malaysia’s largest aquarium, Underwater World. Located in Pantai Cenang, it is one of Langkawi’s most celebrated attractions and home to over 200 species of sea creatures, including seals, penguins, sharks, rays, and much more. See Arapaima, the largest freshwater fish in the world, in the preview tank. View an array of fish and reptiles in the River Ecosystem, and wander through the Tropical Rainforest aviary to meet flamingos, cockatoos, and doves. See Rockhopper Penguins in the Sub-Antarctic Section, and observe lobsters, eels, and mudskippers in the Invertebrate Section.

If you’re keen to see more marine life, look no further than Langkawi Floating Fish Farm. A timber platform rests on empty drums that keep the farm afloat. The farm is located on the Kilim River, accessible by boat from the Kilim Jetty, and included in Kilim Geopark tours. Several water tanks house a variety of fish and other sea creatures that can be found in Langkawi’s waters, including stingrays, crabs, and archerfish. No actual farming is done at this site; however the nearby fish farm, Hole In The Wall, also doubles up as a floating restaurant serving delicious fresh seafood.

Whilst Langkawi offers some incredible wildlife attractions, it’s also amazing to see the native animals in the wild. Langkawi is home to magnificent rainforests with a diverse range of flora and fauna. Guided tours or self-guided treks can deliver you to spectacular waterfalls and dramatic mountain peaks, with plenty of wildlife to spot along the way. Look out for birds, lizards, monkeys, and more. Gunung Raya, Langkawi’s tallest mountain, is shrouded in lush rainforest and is a popular place for jungle trekking on the main island. See flying foxes, monkeys, squirrels, mountain eagles, hornbills, and other birds and animals. Some of the smaller islands such as Dayang Bunting also have rainforests with a range of wildlife.

The Kilim Geopark is another beautiful place to spot native creatures. It can be accessed by boat from the Kilim Jetty or Tanjung Rhu, along the Kilim River. Aside from stunning geological formations such as limestone cliffs, caves, fossils, lagoons, and beaches, you can spot plenty of flora and fauna. Look for monkeys, squirrels, mud crabs, and monitor lizards amongst the mangroves and mud flaps, and spot approximately 40 fish species in the water below. Bird species in the Geopark include kingfishers, kite birds, and eagles. A tour may also take you to the fish farm, and into caves that are home to bat colonies and a variety of insects. Langkawi is known for and named after its population of eagles, and eagle feeding takes place at the Kilim Geopark and by Pulau Singa Besar, a smaller island just south of the main island. A large number of eagles circle the sky, before plunging right down to the water to feed, putting on an exciting show for spectators.

If you want to explore Langkawi’s ocean life, book a snorkel tour or grab some equipment and make your own way. It’s possible to snorkel from the beach at Datai Bay, however venturing to one of the smaller islands such as Pulau Chabang, Pulau Dangli, Pulau Beras Basah, Pulau Timun or Bumbon Besar will provide better visibility. The best place to snorkel is Pulau Payar Marine Park, home to reef sites with beautiful, colourful corals and a wide range of different types of fish. The marine park compromises four islands, the largest of which is Pulau Payar. Look out for butterflyfish, rabbitfish, pink anemonefish, black-tipped baby sharks, and much more.

You’ll be spoilt for choice with the number of wildlife experiences on offer in Langkawi, but whichever options you choose to add to your itinerary, you’re sure to have an amazing time.