Buffalo Park Langkawi

There’s no better place to learn all there is to know about buffalos than at Langkawi’s Buffalo Park, an active dairy farm that promotes agro-tourism. The farm is located in a remote area of Padang Matsirat, surrounded by lush rainforest and majestic mountains. Since it opened in 2006, the farm has grown in size, adding more paddy fields and more buffalos.

Buffalo Park is the only place in Malaysia where you can get mozzarella cheese made freshly from buffalo milk, and they also make organic fertiliser and other fresh milk products, including various cheeses, yoghurt, ice cream, and flavoured milk onsite. Visit the farm to learn all about buffalos and how their milk is used in the production of dairy products, and watch as the milk is turned into mozzarella and other types of cheese right before your eyes. Visitors can also feed baby buffalos with bottles of milk, and older buffalos with grass, and even try milking the buffalos themselves.

For something different, take a ride on a buffalo or an anok (a traditional cart) which is pulled along by a buffalo, for a small extra fee. The farm will even provide traditional clothing, making for a unique photo opportunity.

Don’t leave without sampling some of the farm’s produce at the cafe. Tuck into a delicious meal of buffalo steak with mash potato, or taste some of the farm’s dairy products. You can also purchase raw buffalo meat to take home and have a go at cooking it yourself.