Crocodile Adventureland Langkawi

Crocodiles are reptilian relics of the past that survived the mass extinction event 65 million years ago, and have continued to belly crawl on our planet ever since. These mysterious creatures are distant cousins of dinosaurs and have roamed the planet long before humans existed. Today they can be seen from close at the Langkawi Crocodile Adventure Land.

Established in 1993, the Crocodile Adventure Land is considered to be the biggest crocodile farm in Malaysia. Locally known as Taman Buaya Langkawi, it is home to thousands of crocodiles from various species. Here, you can see the smallest of the dwarf crocodiles to the salt water giants weighing up to 1 tonne. Professional guides will educate you on their natural habitat and behaviours. The park organises multiple shows which will bring you within whisker’s distance to the crocodiles. You can either feed the hatchlings yourself or watch the keepers feed them from far. Adult crocodiles will reveal their surprising jumping abilities and follow the commands of their keepers who reward them with food for every trick done right. Refuel yourself by eating a delicious plate of spicy and fragrant Nasi Lemak, traditional Malaysian dish at the Croc cafe. You can also buy crocodile souvenirs and luxurious leather products which are sold under the brand name of Porosus at the store.

A member of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered species, the Crocodile Adventure Land is not a conservation facility. The primary reason for its existence is to sustainably farm crocodiles for their leather and meat. Therefore, this facility may not suit the taste of animal lovers and conservationists.