A Quick Guide to Museums in Langkawi

Langkawi is best known for its beaches and rainforests. But not all days are ideal to be outdoors and the many museums of Langkawi are perfect to spend time away from the natural elements.

The Arts in Paradise Museum in the Oriental Village is an art exhibit containing 3D art installations that will challenge your perception and play tricks on the mind. This three storey building houses more than two hundred artworks divided into nine sections. The Optical illusion zone contains mind binding artwork to alter the perception of reality. The illusions here create a world where people would appear to fly and perform nature defying feats. The Aquarium Zone brings the aquatic world to life without getting into underwater. The interactive zone will let you become a part of the art to complete the illusion. Various fun filled and adventurous journeys through the museum are perfect for couples and families with children.

Galeria Perdana is another unique museum in Langkawi, that has a collection of artefacts obtained as gifts by Tun Mahathir bin Mohamad, the longest running Prime Minister of Malaysia. The museum has over 9000 objects displayed on a rotation. It contains an impressive array of items ranging from musical instruments, plaques, artwork and even automobiles.

The Rice Garden Museum also known as Laman Padi, will tell you the history of rice farming in Langkawi with artefacts, tools and actual rice fields. Located close to Pantai Cenang, it is a good place to spend half a day learning and trying your hand on rice farming Langkawi style.

Other attractions in Langkawi include the Tomb of Mahsuri and museum showcasing the life and death of legendary Mahsuri. To know about some of the other legends of Langkawi, head to Lagenda Langkawi Dalam Taman an open air gallery in Kuah depicting the local fables in the form of artistic sculptures.