Laman Padi Langkawi

Laman Padi is an ecotourism museum in Langkawi, Laman means field and Padi means rice in Malay. The state of Kedah is recognised as the rice bowl of Malaysia, as it is the largest rice producing province in the country, and the museum showcases the history of the traditional way of rice cultivation in Malaysia. Located in Pantai Cenang, the enormous stretches of paddy fields with mud and water buffalos, are sure to make you ponder about the sweat and the labour that goes into growing the staple food which feeds more than half of the world. This fully functional Paddy field and museum was created to elevate the standard of the agrarian community of Langkawi.

Spread over fourteen thousand acres of land, Laman Padi cultivates various varieties of paddy. Visitors can walk through the vast fields filled with scarecrows, water birds such as egrets and herons, and watch the farmers getting through with their work. The museum also organises free tours on certain slots where you can try your hands at planting tiny paddy saplings. It displays pictures, tools and equipment used in cultivating the primary food of Malaysia. Here, you can gather information on how the past generations availed various natural resources around them to farm crops. The facility also has a cafe and restaurant serving local and western cuisines with a Malaysian twist. The meals can be enjoyed right in the middle of the green fields with a picture postcard view.

Laman Padi Rice museum has free entry and is closed on public holidays. Due to a lack of funding, the facility might appear in a depleted state, and staff may not be available to answer your queries on all occasions. Hence, it is best to call ahead to make a tour reservation.