Galeria Perdana

Tun Mahatir bin Mohamad, reverently called Dr. M by the Malaysians is so far the country’s longest running Prime Minister. Born in Kedah, he is a member of the Malaysian parliament for the constituency of Langkawi, and thus shares a close relationship with the island. Under his leadership, the island was developed from a tiny fishing settlement into a leading tourist destination of the Southeast Asia. Galeria Perdana museum on the North East of Langkawi showcases the presents and awards received by Dr. M and his spouse Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah Mohamad Ali during his tenure as the leader of the state.

Galeria Perdana, is spread over 5 square kilometres with an extensive garden full of native plant species. The exterior of the museum highlights the conventional Malaysian architectural design. However, the interior has opulent ceilings adorned with prismatic glass work and exquisite plasterwork. This two-storey exhibit, showcases about 9000 items on a rotation with a staggering 2000 pieces displayed at one time.

The museum is divided into three interconnected sections. The first section consists of souvenirs and gifts made of crystals, shining gemstones, and ethereal artworks made from wood and porcelain. The second section showcases the gifts received by Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah Mohamad Ali from the public and the various heads of state. The exhibit here includes items made of shiny metals such as copper, bronze and pewter. The third and final section of the gallery showcases rare paintings and precious jewellery. A Formula One car, Malaysian made automobiles along with wooden bicycles are also available on display. For book lovers, the museum has an enormous collection of reading materials. Facilities and amenities include a parking lot, along with a cafe and clean washrooms.