Waterfall Lovers Guide to Langkawi

Crystal clear water cascades over rocks, down mountain slopes, surrounded by lush vegetation, spilling into refreshing pools, making Langkawi heaven for anyone who loves to chase waterfalls. Several waterfalls on the main island offer beautiful places to trek, swim, enjoy a picnic, or simply soak up the serene tranquillity and outstanding natural beauty of Langkawi. Opt to take a tour with a knowledgeable local guide, or make your own way. Visiting the waterfalls also creates an excellent free activity for the budget-conscious traveller. The best time to see the falls is during the rainy season when they will be in full flow and look their most spectacular. If you’re visiting in the dry season, they’re still worth seeing, however, the pools will be shallower, and the water will be slow-moving. Here are the best waterfalls of Langkawi.

Telaga Tujuh/ Seven Wells Waterfalls

These stunning waterfalls are so named because of the seven intertwining pools, fed by seven separate waterfalls. Local myths tell us that fairies live in the area, and they have healing powers, so as a result, the water in the falls will cure you of any illnesses. Located at Mount Mat Cincang, the top of Telaga Tujuh is reached via a steep 45-minute climb. Look out for wildlife including macaques, hornbills, and squirrels as you trek, and enjoy a refreshing swim surrounded by plenty of scenic plant life when you reach the top. Enjoy the natural waterslides at the falls, but take care.

Temurun Waterfall

The equally stunning three-tier Temurun Waterfall is located in Mat Cincang Nature Park in Datai. The cumulative drop of the falls is approximately 200 metres, making this Langkawi’s tallest waterfall. The walk to the top is gradual, beginning at a car park. Along the way, you will see gazebos which are ideal for picnics, as well as birds, butterflies, monkeys, and squirrels. At the top, most impressive tier, rushing water drops 30 metres into the inviting pool below, creating the perfect place to swim and cool off after the hike. Keep in mind that this waterfall is seasonal and will be at its most spectacular during the wet season.

Durian Perangin Falls

This wonderful waterfall is named after the Durian trees that flourish close by amongst an array of other native flora. 14 tiers tumble down the slopes of Mount Raya, ending in a lake at the bottom. Crystal clear water is surrounded by plenty of greenery and unique rock formations. The hike to the top is moderately difficult; however, there are lovely pools at each tier where you can cool off if you need to rest or if you decide not to continue to the top.

Langkawi Waterfall

Unlike the falls mentioned above, Langkawi Waterfall is man-made. What makes these falls unique is that they flow over a 50-metre road tunnel cave, offering drivers glimpses of mini waterfalls. The scenic three-tier fall is surrounded by plant life and was created using water from the Sungai Temurun River that has been manually channelled to flow across the tunnel.