Shark Bay Beach

The Shark Bay beach, also known as Teluk Yu where ‘Teluk’ is a Malay word for Bay and ‘Yu’ for Shark, is located next to the Black Sand beach. Although it has golden white sand, it is considered to be an extension of the Black Sand beach. The Shark Bay beach lacks any real sharks too, and the presence of a few stone sharks gives rise to its name. Its shore is about 200 meters long and is surprisingly uncrowded. Shark bay is good for a picnic or a stroll to dip your feet in the calm water. Circular rock formations on the shore also provide interesting photo opportunities. A carpark situated on the western part, connects with a promenade that runs parallel to the beach. The promenade has plenty of seats under shade and palm trees to relax for a while. Food stalls and a seaside restaurant are available in the neighbourhood if you crave a dose of local cuisine and snacks.

A cement factory located in the proximity is a cause for the reduced popularity of Teluk Yu. Nevertheless, the beach is clean and has soft golden sand with water, which is excellent for swimming. The Langkawi Craft complex is only a couple of minutes away, and the beach is great for a stopover when going to Pantai Pasir Tengkorak on the West Coast.