Black Sand Beach

The descriptively named Black Sand Beach sports a patchwork of black and golden sand with pleasant scenery of the Andaman Sea and the green forest. It is home to a traditional fishing village and several small boats can be seen moored next to a wooden jetty in the early evening. An orange sun setting in the back drop of these boats provide a good moment to take candid pictures.

There are many theories about the origin of black sand on this beach. Intellectuals claim that the presence of unique minerals give rise to the black colour. On the other hand, the fantasy geeks argue that the black sand is a result of an intense war between a Roman prince and Garuda, the half man half eagle local being, who apparently kidnapped the prince’s fiancé. While the cause may be unknown, the phenomenon of black sand is there for all to theorise.

The black sand beach has toilet facilities and a play park for kids, but water here is not ideal for swimming when compared to other beaches in Langkawi. It is good for a stopover when cruising on the Jalan Teluk Yu (Road #113) towards more popular attractions. A picnic would be perfect, as several food and drink stalls here serve local dishes such as Langkawi special Mee Gulung and Asam Laksa. Souvenirs stalls will also attract your attention if you are fond of traditional handicrafts. Frequent visitors to this beach have noticed that the amount of black sand has reduced over the decade and its cause is equally unknown. Therefore, it would be wise to experience this rare anomaly before it is lost forever.