Pantai Pasir Tengkorak (Skull Beach)

Pristine Shores of Pantai Pasir Tengkorak

Pantai Pasir Tengkorak, located on the northern coastline of Datai bay, is the most radiant beach in Langkawi. With its shallow water, soft sand, and dense green forests, this beach is a prominent picnic spot for locals and tourists alike.

Facilities and Recreation

Pantai Pasir Tengkorak is situated on the northern edge of the Hutan Lipur Pasir Tengkorak forest, which starts only a few meters away from the beach. Under cool shade of the trees you will find picnic tables, toilets, shower rooms, beach front huts and rooms to make your prayers. The gentle waves on this beach allow easy swimming opportunities.

Adventure Beyond the Beach

A smaller extension of the Tengkorak beach can be accessed through a stony staircase. If you don’t particularly enjoy getting wet, then trek into the woodland nearby. The three-tier waterfall known as the Temurun waterfall is only a short drive away from here. The beach itself is easily accessible from the road Jalan Datai (Road #161).

Temurun waterfall on tropical Langkawi island in Malaysia.

The Mysterious Name – Sandy Skulls Beach! ☠️

Pantai Pasir Tengkorak is also known as the Sandy Skulls Beach. Pantai Pasir Tengkorak, also known as Sandy Skulls Beach, carries an eerie name with numerous legends attached to it. Stories tell of pirates and mariners whose bodies washed ashore after storms in the Strait of Malacca. A more plausible theory suggests that the skulls found on the shores belonged to prisoners. These prisoners attempted to escape from the island prison of Ko Tarutao in Thailand, located north of Langkawi.

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Wildlife Warnings

Visitors should be cautious around the local wildlife, particularly the troops of monkeys that are known to inhabit the area. These animals are notorious for snatching unattended food, so it’s wise to keep all belongings close.

Monkeys of Langkawi
Photo by Steve Douglas on Unsplash

Additionally, from January to June, the waters are known for jellyfish blooms, necessitating extra caution while swimming.

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The Datai Langkawi is a luxurious beachfront resort nestled in an ancient rainforest in Malaysia. It offers a serene retreat designed to enhance connection with nature. Renowned for its elegant architecture by Kerry Hill and its recent refurbishment by Didier Lefort, the resort integrates beautifully with its surroundings. This integration creates a seamless blend of luxury and natural beauty.

The Datai Langkawi

Only a short drive from Langkawi International Airport, The Datai Langkawi provides a peaceful haven with rich cultural experiences and captivating natural beauty, from idyllic waterfalls to mysterious mangroves. The resort also showcases modern artistic expressions, such as the SC Shekar gallery and the digital Galeri Khazanah. The resort also recently hosted Alia Bastamam’s ‘Oasis’ fashion collection, adding a touch of contemporary style to its traditional allure.