10 Great Reasons to Visit Langkawi

Langkawi, Malaysia’s most exotic holiday destination is famed for its fine harmony between people and nature. You will be spoiled with plenty of options for sightseeing, adventure and food. If that doesn’t convince you to plan a trip to this tropical land, then read our ten great reasons to visit Langkawi.

1. Nature and Wildlife:

The unspoiled forests and diverse wildlife are one of the top reasons to spend your next vacation here. Three of the best geoparks of south East Asia, Mount Machincang Cambrian, Kilim Karst and the Dayang Bunting are in Langkawi. These geoparks protect the rainforests, mangroves, mountains and waterfalls from the modern world. They are also home to hundreds of species of birds and animals including the famous flying five – droco volan, squirrel, lemur, fox and snake.

2. Beaches and islands:

Surrounded by the Andaman Sea, Langkawi is encircled by beaches with golden sandy shores. Some of the beaches here have the most stunning sunsets which you might ever see. Smaller islands of the archipelago can be explored with island hopping tours or by hiring a yacht. Irrespective of what you are looking for, be it a beach buzzing with people or a secluded cove to do some soul searching, Langkawi has got it all covered.

3. Delicious Food:

Food in Langkawi is a fusion of cuisines from the neighbouring countries and it perfectly represents its multicultural society. Eating options range from high end restaurants creating gourmet dishes, or the stalls of the night market churning out mouth-watering delicacies. Ample options are available for vegans and people with restricted diet due to personal or religious reasons.

4. Soulful relaxation and hair-raising adventure:

Whether you are seeking mindfulness or are after an adrenalin rush, Langkawi will not let you down. The list of activities in Langkawi is endless. Climb Mt. Machichang, one of the tallest mountains in Malaysia, or trek in the deep rainforests and canoe between the mangroves. Water sports, snorkelling and scuba diving are the icing on the cake for a thrilling experience. Head for a spa and massage after a tiring day to sooth the muscles. You can also practice meditation and beachside yoga at one of the many wellness centres on the island to relieve stress and find peace.

5. Excellent accommodations:

Langkawi is for all who wish to see its beauty, which means it has a breadth of accommodations to suit all budgets. The options range from exclusive rainforest and beach resorts to budget hostels. Stay in a traditional Malayan Villa for an exotic experience or book a bed and breakfast for a comfortable family stay.

6. Duty free shopping:

Shopping in Langkawi means saving heaps on your favourite products. The duty-free status of the island makes it much cheaper than the mainland Malaysia. You can save up to 70 percent on some of the popular items such as chocolates, alcohol, household goods and souvenirs.

7. Location:

Langkawi’s strategic location makes it easily accessible with flights from all major cities in Malaysia and the neighbouring countries. Make the most of your holiday in Langkawi, by visiting the nearby Penang Island, or islands in Thailand such as Koh Lipe, Krabi and Phi- Phi.

8. Langkawi Skybridge and Sky cab:

The Sky cab is a ropeway that starts at the foot of the Mount Machincang and goes all the way to Sky Bridge, an engineering marvel of the world. Considered to be the world’s longest curved suspension bridge, the Sky Bridge, hangs hundreds of meters above the sea level giving an unobstructed view of this prehistoric Island. A trip to Langkawi is incomplete without visiting these marvels.

9. Weather:

The warm weather of Langkawi, along with clear skies and little rainfall makes it a great destination for travellers in every season.

10. History and Legends:

Mountains of Langkawi hold memories from the age of dinosaurs. Rock formations that are half a billion year old are still standing to tell the tales of ancient times. Believed to be cursed for seven generations, the island went through various phases of destruction, to finally reach its current glory of being one of the most popular tourist destinations of Malaysia.