Langkawi Water Sports

Langkawi Island offers abundant water adventures that thrill-seekers shouldn’t miss. Tourists flock to the beaches, eager to strap on their life vests. Once geared up, they dive into the sea for exhilarating water sports. These activities promise both hair-raising rides and stomach-churning excitement.

The tropical climate of Langkawi never gets too cold to stay away from getting wet. If rain dampens your outdoor enthusiasm, then avoid the rainy season from September to November.

Kayaks on the beach in Langkawi

Water Sports in Langkawi

Jet skis for hire are available on Pantai Cenang, Tanjung Rhu Beach and Burau bay beach. Hourly Jet Ski hires are good for heading into the sea for an adrenalin-fueled adventure of your own choosing. Alternatively, use them as a means to go on a water safari tour, including Island hopping. For a more peaceful approach, rent kayaks and go for a four-hour mangrove tour, navigating through the Kilim river.

Boats for hire in Langkawi

Fun, Fun, Fun!

For pure, old-fashioned fun, gather your friends for a banana boat ride. Experience a roller coaster ride across the open sea’s waves. Once you’ve mustered enough courage, take to the skies with parasailing. It’s an adventure that gets you high above the waters, keeping you just slightly dry.

Another newly introduced water sport in Langkawi is Wakeboarding. Moderate skill is required to stay on top of the board as a motorboat pulls you across the sea. Make sure to choose a licensed water sports operator to avoid nasty surprises.

People parasailing in Langkawi

The Seductive Andaman Sea

The crystal-clear waters of the Andaman Sea possess an irresistible allure for visitors to Langkawi. They are drawn to the exhilarating world of water sports the island offers. From diving into the depths to explore vibrant marine life to gliding across the surface on a thrilling jet ski, the options are abundant. Each activity ensures an aquatic adventure during an unforgettable stay in this tropical paradise.