Langkawi Hiking Trails

The main island of Langkawi has an area of over 470 square km, and two-thirds of it is covered with rainforests. Mount Mat Cincang and Gunung Raya dominate the eastern and western half of the Island. The virgin rainforest and towering mountains with hiking trails make Langkawi an excellent trekking destination.

Langkawi Hiking

Here’s a curated listicle about hiking trails in Langkawi that promise to take your breath away and immerse you in the island’s lush landscapes:

1. Gunung Raya Trail: A Trek to the Clouds 

  • Time: 4.5 hrs 
  • Distance: 7.9 Km
  • Rating: Hard

Gunung Raya is the taller of the two mountains with its peak situated 880 meters above sea level. However, hiking Gunung Raya is the easier of the two, due to the 4287 steps built for trekking. The trail starts at a park near the Lubok Semilung Recreational Park. The starting point is marked by a large blue board with trek details. Lucky travellers can spot monkeys and hornbill birds, but various exotic insects will greet everyone. The trail is easy to follow as it is paved the whole way, making it difficult to get lost.

Gunung Raya - Langkawi Hiking
Photo by Ben Koorengevel on Unsplash – Gunung Raya – Langkawi Hiking

2. Gunung Machinchang Trail: A Path Less Traveled

  • Time: 3.25 hrs 
  • Distance: 5.8km
  • Rating: Hard

Hiking to the top of Mount Matcincang is a different affair, even though it is a tiny bit smaller than Gunung Raya. The Seven Hills Waterfall is the starting point for this trail, which passes through well-worn paths, rocky outcrops, and bridges. The trail is not well marked, and it is possible to lose the way. To avoid bugs and leeches, it is best to complete this Hiking Trail in Langkawi during the dry season, November to March. 

Joining a trekking group is also advisable to avoid getting lost and provide moral support for the challenging hike. The summit has several ridges instead of a single peak, giving multiple views of mountains and the archipelago. Pack your swimsuit to cool off in the Seven Wells pool on the way down.

3. Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls: A Mystical Encounter

  • Time: 50 mins 
  • Distance: 2.3km
  • Rating: Moderate

Telaga Tujuh Waterfall, also known as Seven Wells Waterfall, offers an enchanting hiking experience starting from the Oriental Village near the Langkawi Skybridge cable car base. The trail, a mix of stairs, flat paths, roots, and rocks, winds through lush tropical rainforests, leading to the captivating sight of seven natural pools cascading into each other, ideal for a refreshing swim or tranquil relaxation. While the waterfall’s splendour peaks during the rainy season from April to October, its serene beauty remains a draw year-round despite a gentler flow in drier months. Hikers are cautioned of the slippery trail during rains and are advised to don appropriate footwear for a safe and enjoyable trek.

4. Langkawi SkyTrail: A Walk Amongst the Clouds

  • Time: 13 mins 
  • Distance: 0.6 km
  • Rating: Easy

The journey beginning at Top Station leads you to the renowned Langkawi Skybridge, a favourite among locals and visitors. Accessing the Sky Bridge requires a cable car ride, and attractions surround it, including museums and eateries. The vistas from the bridge are genuinely captivating, offering an unparalleled enchanting experience.

Sky Bridge Langkawi
Photo by Ankush Nath Sehgal on Unsplash – Sky Bridge Langkawi

5. Bukit Kechubung Trail: A Glimpse of Langkawi’s Heart

  • Time: 59 mins 
  • Distance: 2.6 km
  • Rating: Moderate

This serene trail, open all year and less frequented, meanders through a dense forest, ascending steeply to reveal stunning panoramas of the town, ocean, and surrounding rice fields from the summit. Remember to arm yourself with insect repellent, sturdy hiking boots, and ample water to fully enjoy this trail’s captivating vistas and natural beauty.

6. Bukit Kilim: A Quick Escape to Nature

  • Time: 12 mins 
  • Distance: 0.6 km
  • Rating: Easy

Venture onto the 0.6-km Bukit Kilim trail in Langkawi, where a moderately challenging yet brief 12-minute journey awaits. Ideal for hiking, running, and walking this less-travelled path promises tranquillity year-round. The trail, adorned with ropes for guidance, meanders through dense jungle to a summit that rewards with stunning mangrove vistas. Here, amidst the wildflowers and wildlife, you’ll find a child-friendly route that unfolds into a panoramic expanse of lush greenery, offering an unforgettable glimpse into Langkawi’s natural beauty.

Monkeys of Kilim
Photo by Steve Douglas on Unsplash – Monkeys of Kilim

7. Wat Koh Wanararm and Orchid Farm Trail: A Challenging Endeavor

  • Time: 3 hrs
  • Distance: 2.9 km
  • Rating: Hard

This 2.9-km trail in Langkawi is known for its challenging terrain that attracts many to its hiking and walking paths throughout the year. As you navigate this popular route, expect to meet fellow nature enthusiasts. The trail, embracing the forest’s heart, offers stunning views, abundant wildflowers, and opportunities to spot wildlife. Your journey includes a scramble over rocky sections and navigating through potentially muddy areas, especially during the rainy season. The highlight is reaching Wat Koh Wanararm, home to a majestic golden Buddha statue amidst steep, challenging landscapes. 

8. Durian Perangin Waterfalls: A Serene Oasis 

  • Time: 18 mins
  • Distance: 0.6 km
  • Rating: Moderate

Set off on a serene 0.6-km journey along a trail that’s deemed moderately challenging and takes about 18 minutes to traverse. Ideal for hiking, running, and walking, this secluded path, open throughout the year, offers a peaceful exploration through lush forests, culminating at the Durian Perangin Waterfall. Here, a suspension bridge provides captivating views of the cascading waters, making it a favoured spot for mountain biking and picnics. Rich in diverse flora and fauna, the trail promises a close encounter with nature’s beauty.

The weather in Langkawi is very humid, so carrying extra water is important to stay hydrated during the climb. Insect repellents are also essential to avoid the onslaught of pesky insects looking for their next meal.

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