Langkawi Craft Village

Craft Complex is the cultural and heritage cent of Langkawi which promotes the intricate crafts and art of Malaysia. Known as Kompleks Kraf in Malay, it is spread over 12 hectares of land and located near the Black Sand Beach on the northern coast of Langkawi.

The entire complex is designed to reflect the rich cultural heritage of Malaysia. Several museums inside the building showcase numerous artistic creations representing fascinating Langkawi folklores. The History and Legends Museum shows artwork depicting the legend of Mahsuri, who cursed the island after being wrongly accused of adultery. The Custom and Wedding Museum displays wedding dresses and intriguing rituals performed during a traditional Malayan wedding.

Several handicraft displays at the complex also show expert craftsmanship on wood, fabric, metals and ceramics. Visitors can appreciate the exquisite finished products or stay around to see the artisans weave their charm on simple materials and produce fine works of art. Songket weaving, batik painting and wood carving demonstration are crowd favorites.

The sales galleries are open for customers who would like to buy these traditional items. Songket pouches made from interweaving threads of silk, gold and silver are one of the bestsellers. Batik printed clothes and souvenirs made from wood and metals are also available at affordable prices.

The glass blowing studio, located right behind the Craft Complex displays exquisite glass wares and souvenir that are made locally. Entry to the studio and glass blowing demonstrations is free. Langkawi Craft Complex’s main building is an expansive area, and it is easy to miss out on a few sections. Therefore, make sure to grab a guide map at the entrance.