Horse Riding

One of the best ways to enjoy the beauty of Langkawi is to share the journey with a four-legged companion. Equestrian tours are one way to explore the hidden forests and valleys unspoiled by tourism. The thoroughbred horses of Langkawi radiate a sense of strength and elegance that will make any rider feel regal. You can ride on the sandy beaches, or through the villages, or venture deep into the wild forests of Mount Mat Cincang to appreciate the scenery from a vantage point.

Island Horses, the biggest equestrian centre in Langkawi, offers services to riders of all experience levels. Beginners and children can take riding lessons or just relax on horseback as a guide leads the equine with a rope and takes you on a heartwarming excursion. Experienced riders have more options at their disposal. The Kampong tour explores the traditional Malaysian village and passes through paddy fields and rubber plantations. Jungle and beach rides offer a good balance of trotting through the rainforests of Mount Mat Cincang and cantering on the Pantai Kok beach. The tour also passes through the Seven Wells Waterfall. For a true wilderness experience, choose the half-day jungle and mountain trail and venture into the depths of the rainforest to become one with the animals and plants of Langkawi.

The operator supplies ride equipment such as saddles, helmets, and horse tacks. Comfortable clothing and covered shoes are all you will need to join the horseback club.

The Langkawi Horse Show is another way of getting close to these noble animals as daring riders show off their skills with their spirited, thoroughbred companions. The show is held at Pardana Stables every Saturday evening; tickets are available online.