Discover Langkawi’s Most Spectacular Views

With dramatic mountains draped with dense tropical greenery, and pristine white sandy beaches meeting the turquoise Andaman Sea, Langkawi is an area of outstanding natural beauty. Simply taking a stroll along any one of the beautiful beaches or a trek through the rainforest will provide you with a stunning view. Explore the main island or venture further afield to the many smaller islands, dotted with jungles, greenery, idyllic beaches, and sparkling lakes. But where do you find the best Langkawi’s best views? Read on to find out.

Gunung Raya

At 881 metres tall, Gunung Raya is Langkawi’s highest peak, so it’s no surprise that it’s one of the top places to go for an amazing view. The mountain is covered with lush rainforest, offering beautiful views even before you reach the top. Drive or trek through the wonderful scenery, bursting with native flora and fauna. For the best views, when you reach the peak, take an elevator to the top of the watchtower, where you can enjoy sensational 360-degree views of Langkawi and the glittering ocean. On a clear day, you may be able to see as far as Malaysia’s mainland and even Thailand.

Mount Machinchang

Langkawi’s second-highest peak, Mount Machinchang, stands at 850 metres tall and also boasts magnificent panoramic views of Langkawi and the surrounding area. The infamous Sky cab can deliver you to the Sky Bridge, or alternatively experienced trekkers can opt for a scenic hike right to the peak. Whichever option you select, you won’t be disappointed by the views.

Langkawi Sky Cab

Although for many people the Sky Cab is simply a way of reaching the Sky Bridge, you will also be treated to fabulous views as you ascend. Spot a wide range of greenery in the tropical rainforest, and look out for the cascading waters of Seven Wells Waterfalls as you hover above the jungle. Sky Cab offers a truly unique way to soak up the beauty of Langkawi with a bird’s eye view.

Langkawi Sky Bridge

The scenic Sky Cab journey comes to a finish at the iconic Sky Bridge, the world’s longest free span and curved bridge. The bridge is suspended from a single pylon, hanging 100 metres above ground level. However, the most impressive thing about the Sky Bridge is the unforgettable views that it offers. The curved nature of the bridge means that the view changes continuously as you make your way along its 125 metres.

Pulau Payar Marine Park

There’s another beautiful side to Langkawi that can’t be seen from the mountain tops. Whilst many of the top views are from high above the ground, this one is below sea level. Pulau Payar Marine Park is home to a stunning array of vibrant corals and native marine life. Located 30KM south of the main island, the marine park is spread over two nautical miles, compromising four islands. Snorkel or dive for breathtaking views of this colourful and lively underwater world. Discover the vivid Coral Garden, home to a diverse range of coral and fish.