Dash Resort Langkawi

Infinity pool at Dash Resort Langkawi
Infinity pool at Dash Resort Langkawi

Dash Resort Langkawi is situated on Pantai Tengah Beach. The Andaman Sea surrounds the resort, sharing tales of the past. The resort combines modern amenities with traditional charm.

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill retreat; it’s an experience, a vibe, a story waiting to unfold. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Location: A Seaside Marvel

First off, the location. Located just 10 km from Langkawi International Airport, Dash Resort provides a beautiful getaway with stunning views of the Andaman Sea. It’s a place where the horizon meets infinity, quite literally, thanks to its beachfront infinity pool. Just 23 km away, Kuah Town offers a sprinkle of local culture and shopping escapades for those inclined.

Birds eye view of Dash Resort Langkawi
Birds eye view of Dash Resort Langkawi

Facilities: A Wonderland Awaits

Dash Resort doesn’t just offer facilities; it offers experiences. Picture this: an outdoor swimming pool that blurs the line between water and sky, open all year round, welcoming to all ages. The infinity pool isn’t just a pool; it’s a view coupled with a pool bar serving drinks and memories. For those sun-seekers, the sun loungers, beach chairs, and sun umbrellas ensure you’re comfortably bronzing.

The Pool at Dash Langkawi

But that’s not all. The Dash Beach Club is where the magic happens, with an evening party scene buoyed by a live DJ that makes the resort pulse with energy. “We are Dash, We are Loud,” they proclaim, and rightly so.

Wellness: Rejuvenate and Revive

For those looking to unwind, the Alice in Wonderland – Rabbit Hole Spa is your go-to. The spa offers everything from full-body to couples massages, ensuring guests feel lighter than air. And for fitness enthusiasts, a well-equipped fitness centre ensures your workout routine never takes a holiday.

Dive Into Bed with Dash Langkawi

The rooms at Dash Resort are a narrative in themselves, with accented hues and large windows that invite the outside in. Every room is comfortable and stylish, with modern amenities such as a minibar and cable TV.

Bright airy rooms at Dash Resort
Bright airy rooms at Dash Resort

Services: At Your Beck and Call

The resort shines with its service. The front desk offers safety deposit boxes, luggage storage, laundry, ironing services, and more with a smile. Don’t forget about the nice and helpful staff who are always willing to ensure your stay is great.

Guest Opinions of Dash Hotel Langkawi

The chorus of satisfied guests sings praises of the friendly staff, the comfortable rooms, and the vibrant ambience. Many people love Dash Resort for its beautiful private beach and tasty local and English breakfast options. The resort’s pristine beach has won over the hearts of visitors. Additionally, guests enjoy a delicious selection of breakfast choices.

Breakfast at Dash Langkawi - continental plus full cooked english breakfast
Breakfast at Dash Langkawi

You can relax on the beach, swim in the pool, or enjoy the fun vibe with a Mya Kitchen Cocktail at Dash Resort Langkawi. Each moment you spend here will be a unique story just for you. It’s a world where you can escape and unwind.

Pack your bags, bring your friends, and soak up the Dash experience. After all, staying in Langkawi will stay in your memory bank forever.

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