6 fun ways to enjoy the outdoors in Langkawi

The tropical weather of Langkawi and its natural habitat might trick you in believing, that it only advocates a vacation dominated by relaxation and appreciation of nature. But the truth is far from it, and Langkawi attracts mass of adventurers who prefer to stray away from the routine. If you seek the excitement of an open sea, or enjoy getting lost in a dense forest or simply want to bask in the glory of a fine weather all year round then Langkawi is where you should be. Snorkelling, diving, sailing, golfing, and goofing around the theme parks are some of the many things to do in Langkawi that are hard to experience in a single trip to this adventure island.

Diving and Snorkelling:

The Pulau Payar marine park, Malaysia’s first marine sanctuary, is the most popular diving and snorkelling site in the Langkawi archipelago. It is home to hundreds of species of fish and numerous types of coral. Tour operators here offer services for both amateur and experienced divers. The water is never too cold in the tropical weather of Langkawi and is good for swimming throughout the year.


The archipelago of Langkawi offers excellent sailing conditions all year round. The sailing scene of Langkawi is slowly gaining global attention and attracting sailing enthusiasts from far away. The Langkawi Regatta organised by the Royal Langkawi Yacht club is an annual event that brings a crowd of keen sailors to the island. Boats with crew are available for hire if you don’t own a boat and want to venture into the sea on your own terms.

Water Sports:

Pantai Cenang and Pantai Tengah are the hotspots for all water sport activities in Langkawi. The splash of water from a Jet Ski and the exhilaration of para sailing are too hard to resist on a crisp hot day under the blazing sun. Strapped securely to a lifejacket, even the more cautious tourists can have a good time cruising on the surface of the water in a banana boat. With plenty of options, the water sports kiosks are always busy in Langkawi.


Designed by expert architects from around the globe, Langkawi has three premier golf courses. The ELS Club Teluk Datai is surrounded by mountain on one side and the Andaman Sea on the other. Gunung Raya golf resort is nestled in the foothills of Gunung Raya the tallest mountain in Langkawi. The 99 East Golf Club is the smallest of the three but is in the most convenient location. All of them offer rental golf equipment, golf carts, and plenty of refreshment options. The best time to golf is between November to April, and it is best to pre-book your tee if you plan to be there in the peak season.

Horse Riding:

Horse riding on the golden beaches of Langkawi with the sun setting in the background is nothing short of a movie scene. Horses are also a good way to admire the beautiful scenery while travelling through the countryside and deep into the dense rainforests. Even beginners can saddle up and go for a ride to stir up their equestrian genes. Experienced horse riders can opt for a two hour long guided tour of the island weaving through forest, waterfalls, countryside and beaches.

Sky trekking:

If your adrenaline fix comes from literally hanging up high, then join the flying fox tours at the Skytrex Adventure Park in Jalan Telak Yu. Here you can glide above trees and swing high above the ground on monkey bars testing your acrobatic skills. Guests of all ages and levels can challenge themselves in various circuits designed to entertain willing patron or scare unwilling guests with acrophobia.

There are plentiful of adventures in Langkawi, and regardless of what you are after, the island is sure to get your heart racing.