The fragrance of distant incense, the sound of waves caressing the shore, the dancing colours of the rising sun, and the texture of ground under naked feet, create an environment of mindfulness, relaxation and spiritual freedom in the island of Langkawi. The path to this spiritual paradise is through the ancient practice of Yoga. Originating over 2000 years ago in the holy city of Rishikesh in India, Yoga was developed to promote spiritual and mental well being by combining several physical postures, breathing techniques and meditation. The tranquil beaches and the peaceful forests of the Langkawi Island are a paradise for seasoned Yoga practitioners and novice who seek to harness the spiritual energy of an unspoiled nature.

Several yoga retreats have sprouted in Langkawi over the last decade as the island transformed into a world class tourist destination. The adolescence of yoga culture in Langkawi is an advantage for patrons as the retreats are less crowded and personalised. Unlike the popular yoga havens of India and Thailand where 50-100 people attend a single session, the retreats in Langkawi seldom have more than twelve members in one group. One day yoga retreat is perfect for rejuvenating after several days of water sports and parties. For further spiritual guidance week long programmes are also available. Courses are divided to accommodate beginners and advanced yoga enthusiasts. These yoga classes can be coupled with spa sessions and trekking tours for a wholesome experience.

Make the most of your holiday by seeking spiritual guidance and physical harmony through the mystic art of Yoga in the serene setting of Langkawi.