Top Island Day Trips from Langkawi

Most of Langkawi’s residents live on the main island, and this is where the majority of visitors stay. After all, it’s the largest, most developed island, with the most hotels, restaurants, and attractions. However, Langkawi is an archipelago of 99 islands, and the other should not be forgotten. Many are uninhabited, however, a small number are easy to access and certainly worthy or a day trip. Plenty of island hopping tours are available, most of which will take you to three locations, spending approximately one hour at each one. Alternatively, some tours will take you to just one island, allowing you to spend longer there, or you can hire a boat or jet-ski. Keep in mind that during the monsoon season the sea may be too choppy and dangerous for island hopping. Read on for Langkawi’s top island day trips.

Dayang Bunting Island

Located just a 15-minute boat ride away from Kuah Jetty, Langkawi’s second-largest island is uninhabited by people, however, it is home to a wide range of unique native wildlife including over 90 species of birds, as well as monitor lizards and monkeys. Explore fascinating limestone caves, trek along scenic bushwalking trails, and swim or kayak in the mystical Lake of the Pregnant Maiden said to make barren women fertile.

Beras Basah Island

Find your zen amongst the serene tranquillity of Beras Basah Island, just 35KM from Kuah Town. Idyllic white sand meets clear turquoise water, against a backdrop of majestic mountains and lush rainforest. The undeveloped nature of Beras Basah ensures that nothing distracts from the natural beauty and peacefulness of the island. As a result, facilities are extremely limited, and activities are focused around the beach, the sea, and the rainforest.

Pulau Payar

Pulau Payar island is best known as the main island of Pulau Payar Marine Park, which compromises four islands in total. This is considered the best place in Langkawi to snorkel, dive, and see a wide range of vibrant marine life. Prepare to be amazed by the colourful corals and look out for pink anemone fish, black-tipped baby sharks, and many more species of fish.

Singa Besar Island

17KM from the main island is Pulau Singa Besar, bursting with unique rock formations and dense greenery. The name means ‘Giant Lion Island’; however instead of lions, you may meet eagles, monkeys, hornbills, snakes, monitor lizards, and peacocks. One of the main draws of the island is watching the white-bellied fish eagles and kite eagles swooping down from the sky to feed. The rainforest is ideal for jungle trekking and the beautiful beaches are perfect for swimming or relaxing.

Pulau Tuba

Just 5KM southwest of Kuah jetty, Pulau Tuba is one of just a few inhabited islands in Langkawi. The island is home to a traditional fishing village, where residents live a relatively traditional life characterised by fishing, farming, and foraging. With a large number of rare plant species, this is a wonderful location for jungle-trekking. Bird-spotting, exploring caves, and enjoying the pristine beach are also excellent ways to spend your time here.