Langkawi Weather

Langkawi’s tropical warm climate along with cloudy skies and intermittent rainfall makes it a year round destination for travellers. The mainland of Malaysia and the island of Sumatra protect Langkawi from strong winds and cyclones. As a result, the Andaman sea around Langkawi is calm and provides ideal swimming conditions on all beaches. The average daily temperature in Langkawi varies very little throughout the year as the island is located near the equator.

From December to March, the weather in Langkawi ranges from pleasant to warm. February is the hottest month to be in Langkawi. During this time, there is enough sunshine and minimum rainfall along with an average temperature of 30 degrees during the day. The sea is calmer than other seasons which attracts many tourists to the beach.

From April to August there are occasional rains, which result in a slightly milder climate during the day. It is also the time, when there are not a lot of tourists on the island and huge discounts are on offer. Along with a calm and gentle sea, you can get much privacy on the public beaches as well. These months are slow in seasonal tourist flow, and due to the month long Ramadan, most of the islanders close early to observe the holy fast.

September and October brings the monsoon winds with heavy rains in Langkawi. The sea gets rough and the clouds thunder with lightning. This wet season results in an average day temperature of 25 degrees and up to 350 mm of rain on the island. Being the slowest time for tourism in Langkawi, the prices for accommodations and other services are discounted. However, the rain gods also make the paddy fields go green along with a myriad of colourful flowers in full bloom throughout the island.