Langkawi Art Biennale

More than just an art exhibition, Langkawi Art Biennale is an international celebration of a diverse array of artwork. Over 100 local and international artists from a wide range of countries flock to Langkawi to present their incredible visual art, sculpture, installation art, video art and performing art. Each event has an all-encompassing theme which all of the artwork is based on. At the very first biennale, back in 2014, the theme was migration, to reflect a highly globalised world where it’s easier than ever to seamlessly move across borders. The event was organised by ArtMalaysia Association and was designed with the aim of transforming Langkawi into a premier art destination.

In 2016, artists immersed themselves in the theme of exploration. This event included a category of cultural dress and costumes, in which artists were invited to exhibit their cultural and heritage clothing.

On 2nd October 2020 (postponed from 18th March), 101 international and local visual artists and sculptors from 30 countries like Japan, Italy, Spain, Mauritius, Philippines and Malaysia will be converging in Langkawi to exhibit their artworks under the theme ENVIRONMENT and CULTURE. There will be oil, acrylic, watercolour, mixed media, digital art, installation art and sculptures.

There will also be art talks with the participants, throughout the exhibition period.

Prior to that, a group of 14 international and local sculptors will be arriving 10 days earlier, to explore and source for raw materials such as marble off-cuts, rocks and stones, found tree trunks to create their sculptures in time for the exhibition.

Our LAB2020 bloggers will be on site to interview and document the sculptors’ concepts and experiences throughout the process. They will continue to post snippets, stories and photos of all other participants, their artworks; and art activities and excursions they have participated in during their time here in Langkawi. This will introduce Langkawi through the eyes of artists to the world.

This is the 3rd edition of Langkawi Art Biennale, aimed at offering Langkawi to the global art community and art enthusiasts as a preferred location to visit for travel and for painting or sculpturing. Our art village offers accommodation and art tourism packages.

Organised by Persatuan Pengurusan Art Malaysia, our vision and mission is to make Langkawi, an international contemporary art destination!