Eagle Square

Langkawi, the jewel of Kedah, derives its name from the red backed Eagle which rules the skies above the island. Legend has it that the ‘Lang’ comes from the Malay word ‘helang’, which means Eagle, and the ‘Kawi’ comes from the word meaning marble. The convocation of Eagles flying high in the sky and a land full of marble do lend some credibility to this legend.

Dataran Lang conveniently called as the Eagle Square, celebrates these majestic birds of Langkawi. It is an iconic statue located on the southern part of Pulau Langkawi, on the Kuah Jetty. The Eagle Square has an impressive 12 metre tall statue of a red backed Eagle standing on a blue star shaped platform. It is surrounded by forest covered mountains on one side and the open Andaman Sea on the other. With its wings spread, the Eagle of Dataran Lang looks ready to soar into the sky.

This sculpture acts as a guide to mariners and leads them to the Kuah harbour. Situated near the ferry terminal, the Eagle square has artistic water features, a small pond to do paddle boating, verdant green park to enjoy a picnic, and a perfect background for memorable pictures. In the night, the Eagle of Langkawi is lit up with glitzy lights giving it a whole new dimension. Dataran Lang gets a bit overheated in the sun and it is best to visit here during sunrise or sunset. There are plenty of eateries and souvenir shops around. You can also go to the Cenang night market or Langkawi fair mall after spending some time in the glory of the Eagle square.