Durian Perangin Waterfall

Durian Perangin waterfall is situated on the north eastern part of Langkawi and doesn’t smell or taste like Durian at all. The name is a result of the tall durian trees that grow in the forests near the waterfall. Durian Perangin is a multi-tiered waterfall and each cascade makes a freshwater pool at its base. It is slanted towards the northern part of Gunung Raya, the highest mountain peak in Langkawi. The waterfall is surrounded by intriguing rock formations and dense forest. The water of Durian Perangin is cool and refreshing which makes it a popular spot among locals for picnics or a quiet day away.

The hike to the very top of the waterfall is a strenuous undertaking. However, with a little bit of determination it is surely doable. Once you are at the crest, a scenic view of the valley and the coast awaits you. Expert climbers can proceed to the peak of Gunung Raya, which is about 5 km away from here. The parkland is well maintained, and has plenty of places to relax. You will also find bridges running over streams of water and pools. The best time to visit the Durian Perangin waterfall is the rainy season between September to October. Although the pools may still hold enough water to swim, water supply during the dry season is not more than a trickle. Facilities at the base of the waterfall include a small carpark, toilet, various food stalls and souvenir shops. Well placed gazebos during the trek will invite you to rest and have a picnic with the green and sunlit nature alive with tropical birds and small animals.