Indulge in delicious culinary delights for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Langkawi’s restaurant scene is a mixing pot of tasty local delicacies, and international menus to suit all budgets. Whilst many restaurants serve fine Malaysian food, you will also discover plenty of Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Indian, and other Asian cuisines. Due to the many international visitors, there are also restaurants serving a diverse range of exquisite dishes from all around the globe.

Because of Langkawi’s location in the Andaman Sea, seafood is particularly common here. Barbequing is popular, and as Kedah is known as the rice bowl as Malaysia, it’s no surprise that rice a staple.

The diverse range of vibrant eateries includes traditional Malay styles, set alongside bistros, budget-friendly street food shacks, pubs, bars, luxurious restaurants, and chilled out cafes and lounges. No matter what vibe and cuisines you’re hungry for, Langkawi has the perfect option at any time of day. Whilst many of the most popular eateries are found in the more tourist-friendly areas, hidden gems can be discovered all around Langkawi.

It’s always advisable to follow local etiquette when dining abroad. Many restaurants employ a smart-casual dress code, and some add a 10% service charge to food bills.