Whether you’re looking for somewhere to begin the day with breakfast with a view, a lovely spot for lunch, or an escape from the tropical midday heat, Langkawi’s cafes offer perfect options with all day dining. Some even transform into cosy beach bars as darkness falls, providing delightful venues for any time of day or night. Sip on a tasty cocktail as you watch the breathtaking sunset, in the same venue as you ate scrambled eggs for breakfast several hours earlier.

You’ll find tempting cafes all around Langkawi, no matter which area you're staying in. Many are French-themed, serving croissants and crepes, whilst some are Malay, and a few are Australian. Plenty of cafes are beachfront, offering sensational views across the Andaman Sea as you eat and drink. Some are set amongst the hustle and bustle of the busiest areas, whilst others are hidden in more secluded areas. What Langkawi’s cafes have in common is the chilled out atmosphere, warm hospitality, efficient service, pleasant decor, delicious food, and divine coffee. However, despite these similarities, each cafe has a unique personality for you to uncover.

Prices vary between cafes, however, if you search then you'll find something to suit all budgets.