Best Places to Watch the Sunset in Langkawi

There are few experiences more magical than sunset hour on a beautiful tropical island. Watching the sun sink below the ocean horizon as the sky becomes a swirling sea of red, pink and orange hues is one of the most memorable and romantic evening rituals for visitors to Langkawi.

So where should you go to see the world-famous Langkawi sunsets at their best?

Here are our picks for the most amazing places to watch the sunset in Langkawi.

Tanjung Rhu Beach

On the secluded northern shores of Langkawi, Tanjung Rhu is undoubtedly one of the most romantic places on the island to drink in the day’s last light. A rather remote spot, away from the typical tourist crowds, the sunset views from here are simply breathtaking, as the beach gazes out over shimmering clear waters and a scattering of small islands in the distance.

Telaga Harbour Boardwalk

The boardwalk at Telaga Harbour Marina in Pantai Kok consists of a series of waterfront piers, lined with bars and restaurants. Eateries like Tapaz and Mare Blue Italian often get busy in the hour or so before sundown, providing happy hour drinks, affordable fine dining and some of the best seats in the house for watching the sun set over Telaga’s beautiful, boat-studded bay.

Cenang Beach

One of Langkawi’s quintessential sunset spots, Cenang, in the late afternoon, is often bustling with camera-toting tourists as teams of sunset volleyball players. It may not be the most tranquil place to watch the sun go down. Still, there’s something special about the early evening atmosphere at Cenang, as travellers and locals alike gather together to witness the magnificent spectacle as one.

Stroll past the Pelangi Resort and spread out a towel towards the end of the beach, or hit up the Cliff Bar and Restaurant on the rocky headland above for the most enviable vantage point in town.

Tengah Beach

Less commercial than its neighbour Cenang Beach, this is a quiet, charming place to hang out as sun casts its last rays over the Tengah’s lovely 700m stretch of coconut palm-fringed sands. At the northern end of the beach are coastal rock formations that you can climb up to get extra-dreamy views of the ocean and the islands just off shore.

Langkawi Lagoon Picnic Area

A fun, no-frills alternative to the touristy beach bars, with a decidedly local flavour, the waterfront strip at Langkawi Lagoon (just west of the airport) has become a favourite place for sunset picnics and Malaysian-style alfresco dining. Pick up an assortment of delicious barbecued meats from the hawker stalls, grab a chair or lay down a blanket and settle in to watch the sun sink over the Strait of Malacca.

Island Sunset Cruises

Hands down the very best way to enjoy the sunset in Langkawi is on one of the many sunset cruises. From out at sea, you’re guaranteed a enchanting, exclusive atmosphere and unparalleled views of the dramatic Langkawi archipelago. Options range from glamourous dinner cruises aboard luxury yachts to more family-friendly affairs and party nights with a DJ and hot tub on deck.