Ayer Hangat Village Langkawi

A Modern Cultural Centre with Ancient Hot Springs

Dip your toes into soothing hot springs as you soak up beautiful views of the mountains surrounding you. Located 14 km north of Kuah Town, Ayer Hangat Village Langkawi is a modern cultural complex. It stands as one of Langkawi’s oldest attractions.

The jewel of the attraction of Ayer Hangat Village is the three-tiered hot springs. Natural saltwater hot springs are extremely rare and found in just three other countries worldwide. The first tier is the furthest from the entrance and features the warmest water. It offers stunning mountain views and is shaded by a gazebo roof cover.

The water is rich in minerals, and it is said to heal many foot ailments. Conditions such as skin diseases, aching joints, and gout may benefit from its therapeutic properties.

Legend of the Hot Springs

The legend of Ayer Hangat Village tells us that two giants formed the hot springs while fighting at a wedding. They hurled pots, pans, and jugs at each other. A jug of boiling water fell into Air Hangat, creating the natural hot spring.

Exquisite Experiences in Southeast Asia

Originally, the hot spring was the only attraction at Ayer Hangat Village. Now, the village features picturesque ponds and fountains, beautifully landscaped gardens, and soothing jacuzzis. There is also a mouth-watering restaurant serving delicious Malaysian, Thai, and Indonesian dishes. Additionally, there are stalls selling an array of excellent gifts and souvenirs and an area for cultural shows, Malaysian dance, kickboxing, and more.

Hire a private jacuzzi in an independent unit for yourself and up to seven others. Hot salt water from the springs fills the jacuzzi, helping to remove toxins from your body and alleviate fatigue.

Check Ayer Hanat Village’s Facebook page for updates on current events and news. https://www.facebook.com/ayerhangatvillagelangkawi/