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Langkawi leaves you spoilt for choice with the exciting array of activities on offer. Whether you're here for adventure or relaxation, there's something for everyone. Embrace the great outdoors with a plethora of different ways to explore, meet some native wildlife, or indulge in culture, shopping, and wellness.

Langkawi is home to pristine white sandy beaches, so be sure to sunbathe, swim, or take a walk along one of the popular or more secluded stretches. Make a splash with a number of thrilling water sports, from snorkelling and diving to jet skiing and parasailing. If you prefer more relaxing activities, go sailing around the islands or enjoy a luxury sunset cruise. 

Hike to breathtaking mountain tops and enchanting waterfalls, or explore on horseback or by bicycle, segway or kayak. Appreciate Langkawi’s outstanding beauty from a different perspective with cable cars, zip lines, and the Sky Bridge

Engage with crocodiles, birds, fish, and more at the Crocodile Farm, Underwater World, and the Wildlife Park and Bird Paradise. Learn about the history and culture of the area at various fascinating museums, or discover an even deeper level of relaxation at a spa. Don’t forget to save time for some duty-free shopping!

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The deep and tranquil waters around the island of Langkawi are home to umpteen species of fish, precious coral reefs and intriguing undersea rock formations. Diving in the warm Andaman Sea, is a pleasing way to explore the thriving aquatic ecosystem. With a tropical climate, this underwater activity can be carried out anytime during the year. However, the dry season from December to April, offers the best possible visibility. Langkawi is the only place on the west coast of Malaysia, where you can go scuba diving, and the archipelago has no shortage of dive sites to give you an incredible experience.


The Pulau Payar Marine Park is the most visited diving location in Langkawi. Made up of four smaller islands, it can be reached by tour boats from the Kuah jetty. Diving below the pier of the park centre is a good place for novice divers, as the water here is shallow and has coral with ample variety of sea life. Seasoned divers can go to Pulau Segantang, about twenty minutes on boat from Pulau Payar for deep sea wreck diving. Here, you can see diverse coral along with scorpion fish and schools of barracudas which are attracted by lustrous objects. If you go further into the open sea, you can bump into grey manta rays and enormous whale sharks. A trip to the marine park usually lasts a day, however if you have limited time in Langkawi, then White Coral Corner near Pantai Cenang is a good option too. Here, you can see soft coral and anemones with clown fish, pipefish, and bamboo sharks.


There are many operators in Langkawi offering various diving programs, scuba certifications and tours for all skill levels. When diving be mindful of preserving this fragile marine ecosystem and do not damage the reef or feed the fish by yourself.


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Water Sports

No adventure is complete without a good splash of water, and the island of Langkawi ensures plenty of big splashes for the adventurous. Water sports is one of the main attractions of Langkawi and tourist flock to the beaches to strap on their life vests and jump in the sea for hair raising and stomach-churning rides. The tropical climate of Langkawi never gets too cold to stay away from getting wet. If rain dampens your outdoor enthusiasm, then avoid the rainy season from September to November.

Jet skis for hire are available on Pentai Cenang, Tanjung Rhu beach and the Burau bay beach. Hourly Jet Ski hires are good for heading into the sea for an adrenalin fueled adventure of your own choosing. Alternatively, use them as a means to go on a water safari tour, including Island hopping. For a more peaceful approach, rent kayaks and go for a four-hour mangrove tour, navigating through the Kilim river.

If you want pure old-fashioned fun, gather your friends and jump on a banana boat and go for a roller coaster ride on the waves of the open sea. Once you have accumulated enough courage, soar above the waters and choose the parasailing adventure to get high and just slightly dry. Another newly introduced water sport in Langkawi is Wake boarding. Moderate skill is required to stay on top of the board as a motor boat pulls you across the sea. Make sure to choose a licensed water sports operator to avoid nasty surprises.

The water of the Andaman Sea is sure to seduce everyone in trying at least one water sport during their stay in Langkawi.

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Spa & Wellness

Healing, peace and harmony are the virtues that define a vacation at Langkawi with the purpose of rejuvenating the mind and body. The island is dotted with wellness centres which are either independent or associated with a resort. All wellness centres provide multiple massage options to suit all body and skin types. The traditional Malay massage is good for treating deep tissue muscle injuries and chronic illnesses. Indian Ayurveda holistic treatment is useful for improving the sleep quality and reducing stress. Chinese foot reflexology aims at treating specific ailments by activating pressure points in the feet. Thai massages incorporate yoga stretches to achieve a rejuvenated and relaxed sensation throughout the body. Apart from rejuvenating the body, the wellness centres offer several treatments to achieve flawlessly beautiful skin. Body wraps, scrubs and facials are some the many treatment options. The spas of Langkawi pride in using organic herbs and oils, some of which are sourced from the island itself.

A typical spa treatment and massage will cost anywhere between RM 100 – 200. The complete package will cost significantly more especially at high end spas. For an upscale pampering, the Geo spa at the four Seasons resort is a good option. The award-winning Raja and Ratu (King and Queen) package will enhance the romantic connection with your partner. The V integrated wellness centre at the Andaman resort is another luxury spa with unmatched views. Rumah Holistic and Ishan Malaysian are independent boutique spas set in natural environment surrounded by hills and forests. Besides these gems, there are several other good spas in Langkawi and irrespective of where you are, there will be a spa nearby to unwind and relax.