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Langkawi’s guesthouses offer visitors a deeper insight into the local way of life that’s not available to all travellers. They provide a wonderful accommodation option for those with smaller budgets, however the lower cost isn’t the only benefit of choose a guesthouse. Whilst many people prefer modern lodgings, most guesthouses are older buildings with a classic Malay style, offering guests the opportunity to immerse themselves in the local culture.

Relax and unwind in a serene, comfortable bedroom, and venture into the communal lounge area to socialise with other visitors. Meet fascinating people over a game of darts or table tennis, many of whom will be staying long-term and can therefore become excellent local guides. Consider a guesthouse if you are planning to stay long-term in Langkawi, for both affordability and homeliness. You may also find that guesthouse owners can be the best guides, as they are the locals who know Langkawi like no one else, and they often offer a more personable and attentive service compared to some other accommodation options.

Shop in the local grocery stores and have a go at cooking Malaysian meals, or look for guesthouses where some meals are included for a delicious taste of traditional Malaysian home-style dishes.