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Langkawi leaves you spoilt for choice with the exciting array of activities on offer. Whether you're here for adventure or relaxation, there's something for everyone. Embrace the great outdoors with a plethora of different ways to explore, meet some native wildlife, or indulge in culture, shopping, and wellness.

Langkawi is home to pristine white sandy beaches, so be sure to sunbathe, swim, or take a walk along one of the popular or more secluded stretches. Make a splash with a number of thrilling water sports, from snorkelling and diving to jet skiing and parasailing. If you prefer more relaxing activities, go sailing around the islands or enjoy a luxury sunset cruise. 

Hike to breathtaking mountain tops and enchanting waterfalls, or explore on horseback or by bicycle, segway or kayak. Appreciate Langkawi’s outstanding beauty from a different perspective with cable cars, zip lines, and the Sky Bridge

Engage with crocodiles, birds, fish, and more at the Crocodile Farm, Underwater World, and the Wildlife Park and Bird Paradise. Learn about the history and culture of the area at various fascinating museums, or discover an even deeper level of relaxation at a spa. Don’t forget to save time for some duty-free shopping!

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image alt Outdoor Golf

Majestic mountains, luxuriant rainforests and boundless oceans, are the setting for some of the best golf clubs in Malaysia. The island of Langkawi features three of these premier golf courses that put this tiny tropical island on the golf map of the world. Designed by expert international architects and major championship winners, the scenic courses of the golf clubs in Langkawi are considered some of the most beautiful in all of Asia. Patrons can swing and putt here in all seasons, but December to April is the busiest when elites of the golfing world descend onto Langkawi. Turning up empty handed is enough to tee off at any of the golf clubs as they all offer rental equipment along with carts and plenty of refreshments.

Set within the dramatic hinterlands of Langkawi, the ELS golf club Teluk Datai is an 18 hole course snuggled between the jungles of Mat Chincang and the shorelines of the Andaman Sea. The ELS golf club is equipped with a grass covered driving range and a putting practice area. GPS installed buggies are also available for hire.

The Gunung Raya Golf Resort is a prominent golf club set next to mount Gunung Raya, the tallest mountain in Langkawi. It is an 18 hole, 72 par course, with all the modern facilities including an elegant club café with unspoiled views of the mountain.

Another alternative is the 99 East Golf club handily located near the Kuah town. This nine-hole course has a traditional Malaysian touch in the form of rice terraces which run along the borders. It will also add nine more holes to the course by the end of 2019 to become a full-scale golf course.

Pre-booking is recommended regardless of which golf club you plan to visit, especially in the peak season when the courses tend to be over crowded.

image alt Outdoor Sailing

The waters around Langkawi offer impressive and clear sailing conditions to explore the ninety-nine islands of the archipelago and beyond. The Strait of Malacca does not experience any major cyclones during the wet or dry seasons producing sailing conditions all year round. However, the weather from December to April is ideal, when the island receives golden sunshine during the day, and the evening reveals a mosaic of colours in the sky. September to October is also good if you are an experienced sailor and are not concerned with the occasional thunderstorms.

Historically, Langkawi has been home to the fishermen and mariners. During the seven generation of Mahasuri’s curse, the island was favoured by sea pirates. It was also invaded by the Siamese in 1821, and was a British territory until 1957. All these local history and legends add further flavour to a sailing trip to this archipelago. To make your sailing trip a comfortable one, the island has a host of good marinas with modern facilities including accommodation, easy customs clearance, and yacht maintenance services. The Royal Langkawi Yacht Club in Kuah is the most popular marina on the island. It also organises the Royal Langkawi International Regatta, a big annual yachting event, which attracts sailors from all corners of the world.

Lively with popular restaurants and dockside pubs, the Telaga Harbour marina is preferred by those who like to berth near the busyness of a harbour town.

The marina on Pulau Rebak offer dry berths for halting yachts in a tranquil setting away from the bustle of the main island.

If you are an experienced sailor in need of a boat or a landlubber craving an unforgettable sailing experience, then head to the Royal Langkawi Yacht Club to hire a vessel.

Either with your own crew or with one available for hire, anyone can enjoy a holiday at sea in Langkawi.

image alt Outdoor Horse Riding

One of the best ways to enjoy the beauty of Langkawi is to share the journey with a four-legged companion. Equestrian tours are one way to explore the hidden forests and valleys unspoiled by tourism. The thoroughbred horses of Langkawi radiate a sense of strength and elegance that will make any rider feel regal. You can ride on the sandy beaches, or through the villages, or venture deep into the wild forests of Mount Mat Cincang to appreciate the scenery from a vantage point.

Island Horses, the biggest equestrian centre in Langkawi offer services to riders of all experience levels. Beginners and children can take riding lessons or just relax on horseback as a guide leads the equine with a rope and takes you on a heartwarming excursion. Experienced riders have more options at their disposal. The Kampong tour explores the traditional Malaysian village and passes through paddy fields and rubber plantations. Jungle and beach rides offer a good balance of trotting through the rainforests of Mount Mat Cincang and cantering on the Pantai Kok beach, the tour also passes through the Seven Wells Waterfall. For a true wilderness experience, choose the half day jungle and mountain trail and venture into the depth of the rainforest to become one with the animals and plants of Langkawi.

Riding equipment such as saddles, helmets, and horse tacks are all supplied by the operator. Comfortable clothing and covered shoes are all you will need to join the horseback club.

The Langkawi Horse Show is another way of getting close to these noble animals as daring riders show off their skills with their spirited and thoroughbred companions. The show is held at Pardana stables every Saturday evening and tickets are available online.


image alt Outdoor Trekking

The main island of Langkawi has an area of over 470 square km and two third of it is covered with rainforests. Mount Mat Cincang and Gunung Raya dominate the eastern and western half of the Island. The virgin rainforest and towering mountains make Langkawi an excellent trekking destination.

Gunung Raya is the taller of the two mountains with its peak situated 880 meters above sea level. However, trekking Gunung Raya is the easier of the two, due to the 4287 steps built for trekking. The steps start at a park near the Lubok Semilung Recreational Park. The starting point is marked by a large blue board with details of the trek. Fit and experienced trekkers can complete the hike in 2-3 hours. Monkeys and hornbill birds can be spotted by lucky travellers, but a variety of exotic insects will greet everyone. The trail is easy to follow due to the steps and makes it difficult to get lost.

Trekking to the top of Mount Matcincang is a different affair even though it is a tiny bit smaller than Gunung Raya. The Seven Hills Waterfall is the starting point for this trail that passes through well worn paths, rocky outcrops and bridges. The trail is not well marked, and it is possible to lose the way. Joining a trekking group is advisable to avoid getting lost and the moral support for the challenging trek. The summit has several ridges instead of a single peak that gives multiple views of mountains and the archipelago. Pack your bathing suit to cool off in the Seven Wells pool on the way down.

The weather in Langkawi is very humid and carrying extra water is important to stay hydrated during the climb. Insect repellents are essential to avoid the onslaught pesky insects looking for their next meal.

image alt Outdoor Snorkeling

The shallow, sunlit waters surrounding the islands of Langkawi provide optimum conditions to explore the vibrant coral reefs and wide array of exotic marine life that lie below. There are plenty of shops where you can buy or rent snorkeling gear to discover this exciting underwater world. Book a snorkel tour to the coral reefs or simply swim from the beach.

Langkawi’s main island has several beaches, such as Datai Bay, which offer beach snorkeling opportunities. However, some of the smaller islands boast better visibility. Take a short boat ride from Tanjung Rhu Beach to nearby Pulau Chabang or Pulau Dangli, both small islands with excellent visibility and a wide variety of fish. Pulau Beras Basah is another island with fantastic snorkeling, which is included in island hopping tours. For more options head to Pulau Timun or Bumbon Besar.

Located 30KM south of the main island, Pulau Payar Marine Park is deemed the best place to snorkel in Langkawi, as it is home to a diverse range of colourful marine life. The marine park compromises four islands, from which beach snorkeling is possible, with some fish in the shallow waters. However, the further you venture from the shore, the more you will see. Look out for butterflyfish, rabbitfish, pink anemonefish, and black-tipped baby sharks, to name just a few of the species that live here. Tours can also take you to reef sites with larger species of fish including barracuda, groupers, snapper, moray eels, as well as plenty of beautiful corals.

image alt Outdoor Cycling

Whether you’re an experienced cyclist or simply looking for a form of transport, the stunning scenery of Langkawi lends itself perfectly to exploring on two wheels. Bicycle hire is available for those who prefer to create their own itinerary and pedal through paradise at their own pace. Alternatively, several companies in Langkawi offer bicycle tours. These tours generally last for approximately half a day and are a fantastic way to explore the main island and meet like-minded travellers. An experienced local guide will also provide a fascinating insight into the regions that you venture through. Tours are generally focused on exploring leisurely rather than racing, so they are suitable for cyclists of various levels, although Langkawi’s terrain varies from flat to somewhat difficult, and you will cover plenty of ground in just a few hours.

Different tours will take you to different places, so choose carefully. Some focus on visiting the tourist hotspots, from the most popular and lively areas to the most celebrated tourist attractions. Meanwhile, others focus on the remarkable scenery, and smaller, more remote locations, which are less visited by tourists. Glide past lush rainforests, expansive paddy fields, and glittering rivers, and stop at small villages and local markets.

The scenic cycling routes of Langkawi make up a large portion of the route of Le Tour de Langkawi, Asia’s largest race, enjoyed by cyclists from all around the globe. Langkawi is also proud to host Ironman Malaysia, regarded as one of the most challenging Ironman circuits in the world.

image alt Outdoor Birdwatching

Langkawi’s rich diversity of ecosystems and habitats gives rise to an equally diverse range of birds, making it an essential destination for birdwatchers and nature lovers. There are more than 230 bird species in Langkawi, with 70% being residents and 30% being migratory birds that come between October-April. Amongst these species are various species of hornbills, kingfishers, woodpeckers, and sunbirds, and many birds of prey including several different types of eagles. Some of the rarest birds found here include mountain hawk eagles, Jerdon's baza, and brown winged kingfishers.

So where can you find these birds? Different species are found in the rainforest, wetlands, mangroves, and other habitats. The dense rainforests on Langkawi’s main island as well as some of the smaller islands are home to plenty of birds, including eagles, woodpeckers, hornbills, sunbirds, and many more. Make your way to the summit of Gunung Raya, Langkawi’s highest peak, to see mountain birds such as Great Hornbills and Wreathed Hornbills. Visit the swamps and river of the Kilim area to spot various types of birds, including several types of eagles and kingfishers. Alternatively look for swallows, herons, and more, around wetlands and ponds, or spot kingfishers, sparrows, and herons around paddy fields.

It isn't necessary to book a Birdwatching tour to spot birds; however, tour guides know exactly where to go and what to look for to see rare birds. Various tours are available, including popular boat trips to the geopark water area to watch brown eagles swoop down from the sky to feed.

image alt Tours Langkawi Sailing and Island Hopping Adventure
Kedah, Malaysia
During your time in Langkawi, sail off the coast from Kuala Perlis and see Langkawi’s many outlying islands. Enjoy calm water sailing, relaxing on the beach and discovering Langkawi’s diverse wildlife. On board, feast on a delicious barbecue lunch with free flow of beverages! This full day Langkawi cruise is the perfect way to explore the surrounding tropical islands.
image alt Tours Cable Car/Skycab @ Oriental Village Morning Tour
Langkawi, Malaysia

Take a cable car ride to the top of Mount Mat Chinchang for breathtaking views of Langkawi and visit the Oriental Village which is a shopping zone built around a beautiful lake against the scenic mountain backdrop.

image alt Tours Langkawi Sunset Luxury Yacht Cruise with BBQ Dinner
Penang, Malaysia
Sail off into the tropical sunset on the Andaman Sea from Langkawi Island on this luxury cruise, witness a spectacular tropical sunset while you enjoy a romantic gourmet bbq dinner.
image alt Tours Langkawi Mangrove Forest and Eagle Watching Tour
Kedah, Malaysia
Experience the wonders of nature at Langkawi's coastal mangrove forest. Starting from a fishing village, the boat journey will take you through the thick mangrove forest fringed by limestone caves and hidden canyons. You can spot monkeys, kingfishers, monitor lizards and mud crabs. The highlight is watching at least 3 different species of eagles being fed. This is a photo scene not to be missed! Lunch at the Langkawi Fish Farm Restaurant is included.
image alt Tours Island Hopping Tour from Langkawi
Kedah, Malaysia
Explore Langkawi by boat and discover some amazing rock formations of island southwest of Langkawi! With expert commentary from your friendly and knowledgeable guide, enjoy a visit to Pulau Dayang Bunting (Pregnant Maiden Lake), discover Pulau Langkawi's varied wildlife forms as you cruise around the islands and relax on the white sandy beaches of Pulau Beras Basah.
image alt Tours Pulau Payar Marine Park Snorkeling Tour from Langkawi
Kedah, Malaysia
Catch a glimpse of the wonders of the deep and sail on a ferry to West Malaysia's only Marine Park, located South of Langkawi Island. Discover the beautiful unsoilt marine life and corals, or take a snorkel or scuba dive to get a closer look.
image alt Tours Langkawi Underwater World and Crocodile Farm Tour
Langkawi, Malaysia
Spend a family-friendly morning or afternoon at two of Langkawi’s top wildlife attractions — the Crocodile Farm and Underwater World. On this 3-hour tour, watch crocodiles jump for food, learn about the biggest crocs in the world, walk through a large tunnel surrounded by marine life, see tropical birds and fish, and watch penguins at play. Travel to and from these sites in the comfort of an air-conditioned vehicle.
image alt Tours Private Tour: Langkawi Rainforest Trekking Adventure
Penang, Malaysia
Explore the verdant rainforest of Pulau Langkawi on this half-day private jungle trekking tour! Langkawi is rich in biodiversity and offers a plethora of unique flora and, fauna and wildlife. This moderate trekking tour of two to three hours is suitable for most ages. Venture deep into the fascinating wilderness of this ecological gem!
image alt Tours Langkawi Half Day City Tour
Kedah, Malaysia
A place out of a travel magazine, Langkawi is the ideal location for you to get in touch with nature and learn about traditional art and culture.
Duty-free shopping to traditional handicrafts, Langkawi holds many places of interest for the adventurous. There’s simply so much to see and do in Langkawi that it certainly warrants a return trip! Below are some popular destinations for you to choose from. Visit Atma Alam to Learn About Traditional Batik Printing, Visit Cenang Beach and Its Gargantuan Aquarium Complex, Check Out the Great Eagle at Eagle Square, Embark on a Duty-Free Shopping Spree, Laman Padi Langkawi & Mahsuri’s Tomb
image alt Tours Full Day Langkawi City Tour with Cable Car
Kedah, Malaysia
Langkawi is one of the best ways to fully experience the island’s rich history and verdant sights. Enjoy the legends and attractions in this paradise Island. Among the highlight of the visit are Atma Alam Batik Village, Kuah Town, Eagle Square, Cenang Street and our main attraction of the tour is Langkawi Cable Car.
image alt Tours Private : Langkawi City Tour
Kedah, Malaysia
A place out of a travel magazine, Langkawi is the ideal location for you to get in touch with nature and
learn about traditional art and culture.
image alt Tours Langkawi Return Airport Transfers (Combo Arrival & Departure)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
• Sit back and relax as you enjoy a transfer from Langkawi International Airport to Langkawi Hotel & Return Transfer Langkawi Hotel to Langkawi Airport
• Enjoy Langkawi's scenery without having to worry about traffic or maps
• Travel to Langkawi knowing that a punctual and safe trip to your destination awaits you
• Enjoy a private Return  transfer from Langkawi International Airport to Langkawi Hotel & Langkawi Hotel to Langkawi Airport. Begin your trip in a safe, convenient, and easy way in a private vehicle. Skip the long cab lines and head straight toward your destination in Langkawi.The transfer length is around 30-55 minutes and is available year-round, 24-hours a day.
image alt Tours Langkawi Airport Transfers - Arrival
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
• Sit back and relax as you enjoy a transfer from Langkawi International Airport to Langkawi Hotel.
• Enjoy Langkawi's scenery without having to worry about traffic or maps
• Travel to Langkawi knowing that a punctual and safe trip to your destination awaits you Enjoy a private/sic  transfer from
• Langkawi International Airport to Langkawi Hotel.Begin your trip in a safe, convenient, and easy way in a private vehicle. Skip the long cab lines and head straight toward your destination in Langkawi.The transfer length is around 30-55 minutes and is available year-round, 24-hours a day.
image alt Tours Langkawi Airport Transfers - Departure
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
• Sit back and relax as you enjoy a transfer from Lanagkawi Hotels to  Langkawi International Airport.
• Enjoy Langkawi's scenery without having to worry about traffic or maps
• Travel to Langkawi knowing that a punctual and safe trip to your destination awaits you Enjoy a private  transfer from Langkawi Hotels to Langkawi International Airport.
• Begin your trip in a safe, convenient, and easy way in a private vehicle. Skip the long cab lines and head straight toward your destination in Langkawi.The transfer length is around 30-55 minutes and is available year-round, 24-hours a day.
image alt Tours Full-Day Pulau Payar Snorkeling Tour from Langkawi
Kedah, Malaysia
Explore the colorful underwater world of the Pulau Payar Marine Park on this great day trip from Langkawi.
image alt Tours Mangrove River Cruise and Swimming Tour from Langkawi
Kedah, Malaysia
Join this half-day tour start at 10am to embark on a mangrove river cruise from Langkawi. Tour includes lunch at a local Malay family house and a refreshing swim in a natural jungle swimming pool.
image alt Tours Afternoon Birdwatching Tour in Langkawi
Kedah, Malaysia
Half-day birdwatching tour in Langkawi - In this short, but educational afternoon session observe water birds, lowland birds and mountain birds.
image alt Tours Mangrove Kayaking Tour from Langkawi
Kedah, Malaysia
Join this half-day adventure through the twist and turns of the mangrove river maze and enjoy a refreshing dip in a jungle stream. This tour includes kayaking along mangrove rivers and lunch at a family house.